Julian has many supporters in the industry, here’s a small glimpse of the admiration he has received from his peers!

Jerry Ghionis

“Julian is a great photographer and arguably an even better businessman. He is constantly reinventing himself and his business to improve the bottom line. I had the pleasure in presenting my first series of seminars around Australia with Julian about 8-9 years ago.We have both seen each other grow and I have the utmost respect for Julian for his business savvy among other things. I encouraged Julian to share the following information that I heard at a recent seminar he presented. It is truly eye opening stuff. Read every word!”

Shireen Hammond

“I’ll keep this simple… if you really want your business to succeed then you need to see Julian Walker. He’ll change the way you think about the business of photography!”

Andrew Harrison

“Having worked on many business projects with Julian, I have found he is truly excited and skilled in the art of business. Take a good look at what he’s doing as the proof is in the pudding.”

Rocco Ancorra

“You really need to take this show on the road Julian. No-one tells it like you do.”

Michael Warshall

“I have known Julian for over 14 years and have followed his career from his humble beginnings to where he is now operating one of the most successful wedding portrait businesses in Australia. There are many people who talk about what they do, but rarely walk the walk. Over the last 10 years I have been working with Julian and can definitely say that when it comes to business he is one of only a handful of people in Australia who actually walk the walk.”

Sally Sargood

“Julian’s knowledge of business is rare in our industry yet something that we all need to know! What I love is the straightforward and simple way he explains it, making what is usually so complicated for many of us seem so easy to understand and apply! It’s one thing to learn about lighting and posing and how to shoot, but it’s imperative to know how to set up your business properly and Julian is the man to tell you how!”